Home Office

This elegant and bold office was inspired by modern and African influences.

Location: Private

Designer Credits: Decorating Den Interiors

Project Overview:

From the slim metal frame chairs and abstract artwork, to the hand-crafted hair-on-hide tribal rug, this space has the perfect balance of straight bold edges and soft white leather to make working at this executive desk ideal.

Home Office

Design challenges

The main challenge in this design was creating a space that was both elegant and functional with the limited space and inward opening French doors. The purpose of this office was to conduct the owner’s business and not just paperwork after hours. Since the homeowner intended the office to be used for clients, we needed to create a space that comfortably accommodated visitors. Since the homeowner is from Cape Verde, a discreet African influence was desired. Therefore, selecting the correct accessories to illustrate this influence was another challenge.

How we solved the design issues

Since our main challenge in designing this room was the limited space and inward opening doors, we decided to incorporate an executive sized, l-shaped desk. By allowing this piece to be the largest in the room, the client was able to have a desk that best suited the needs to run a business from home by having enough space for paperwork and storage, while portraying an elegant and bold look. We then used slim metal frame chairs to provide a comfortable seat for the clients when they visit. By going with a chair with a slim frame, we were able to add two without the room feeling cramped when the doors are either opened or closed. We selected a hand crafted, tribal, hair on hide rug to provide the African influence our client desired.