Interview with Maria Loveless

Find out more about interior designer Maria Loveless


Tell us about yourself

I am an experienced interior designer, an entrepreneur, a mom, and a wife with a zest for living life to the fullest. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and moved to the US
in 1987. With a lot of hard work, vision along with business expertise, I created The L&L Design Team. My husband and I also own a Home Improvement company.


How long have you been an interior designer?

Over 19 years in the industry. Graduated in 2004 and opened my first Interior Design Company in 2007.


How did you get started in interior design?

I have always been creative, I adore art, style and color. My love for interior design grew in my early years. That is when I decided to turn my passion into a career.


What is the best thing about designing people’s homes?

Understanding their wants and needs and bringing them to life. Creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that are tailored just for them.


What type of projects do you prefer?

Residential homes, with a few commercial projects mixed in.


What are your favorite styles and why?

I lean towards a transitional style. Somewhere between modern and traditional. An approachable space that is welcoming, comfortable, but also clean, fresh and current.


What styles do your clients prefer? Is there one that stands out in your area?

Most requested is a clean, minimal but cozy feel. Transitional and modern seem to stand out the most.



What can a client expect from you?

A designer that truly listens and understands. I believe in a collaborative approach working closely with my clients to transform spaces that reflect their vision with a designer’s touch.


How do you work with your clients? What is your process?

  • Start with a discovery call followed by a questionnaire.
  • The Initial Consultation is complimentary. It is important to meet with the client and get to know each other. Review the space and discuss details. To move forward with the design development and after being given a budget from the client, we request a retainer.
  • We schedule the Design Meeting at the clients home, to review the design.
  • When the design is approved by the client, we sign the Contract with a down payment. The remaining balance is due on the day of installation.
  • Our company begins the procurement & purchasing of everything included in the design. We work directly with the suppliers and workrooms; we track the orders; we work with our receivers and inspect all items.
  • When everything is ready we schedule the delivery and installation.
  • Finally we Install, Style and give our clients the Grand Reveal!



Do you do a big reveal at the end of a project?

Yes! Our clients love our Grand Reveals.


What do you like about the design process?

The interaction with our clients. The design development and opportunity to unleash my creativity. And of course the clients’ excited faces at the Grand Reveal.


What questions do clients typically ask you?

  • How does a designer work?
  • How long will it take to complete the project?
  • What are the next steps?


How could clients make a project go easier for you?

Having patience and understanding during the bumps on the road.


What do clients like about working with you? What makes you different?

  • I am approachable, easy to work with and professional.
  • I strive to deliver innovative designs that exceed expectations.
  • Transparency makes our company stand out.



Describe your typical client?

In general, our clients are either couples with kids on their way to college or grown up, wanting an updated space for their next phase of life. Or they are dual income corporate
professionals or self employed, wanting a comfortable, livable home.


Describe your perfect client.

  • A client who can effectively communicate their preferences. Someone who trusts the expertise of the interior designer and respects the design process.
  • A client that is open to creativity and innovation.
  • A client that maintains a positive attitude and fosters a collaborative relationship throughout the process.


Tell us about your favorite project?

This past year we designed a beautiful custom home! The client’s style was luxury and comfort with fun elements throughout. The design process from concept to completion was smooth and the clients were amazing.


What type of projects do you prefer working on?

I enjoy them all. In my career, I have successfully completed projects ranging from smaller condos, to luxury residences to corporate spaces. They are all unique and challenging.



What do you do in your spare time?

Spending time with my family and friends. Tom and I love to travel and explore this big world. We also like entertaining and there is nothing better than opening up and sharing
our home with others. Fitness is also important to me, and I like being involved in the community, volunteering and giving back: