Updated Living Room

This client has a beautiful home and hired us to put the finishing touches on what she had already done on her own. The client wanted a more welcoming entertaining space along with storage for outdoor items as there was no coat closet in the home.

Project Overview:

The designer started by relocating the light fixture that had been in the dining room but was too large for the table the client purchased on their own. They knew this fixture would offer the perfect dramatic and sophisticated flair that was needed in this space. We gave the room a more moody vibe by painting the walls to allow our white velvet draperies to enjoy a little pop.

The modern abstract rug set the foundation for our furniture selections including a curved sofa and geometric coffee table. We found complimentary modern art pieces to provide the show stopping wow when you walk into the space. Finally, we tucked in a gorgeous wardrobe cabinet to provide the functional storage needed for jackets, rain boots, dog leashes and more.

Updated Living Room