Relaxed Dining Room

Location: Private

Designer Credits: Decorating Den Interiors

Project Overview:

This dining room was dark and dated. It needed new life! The unique lavender walls were the design’s inspiration. The bright area rug created energy and the soft grey dining ensemble balanced the colors. Metallic accents bring sparkle while light draperies soften the room.

Relaxed Dining Room

Design Challenges

This room was dark, heavy and dated. The client wanted a new design that would complement the existing lavender wall paint. She wanted new lighting to brighten the whole room. She loved her wood floors but thought a rug would brighten the space. The new look was to incorporate new furniture and to find a way to utilize the niches. Another request was to incorporate accessories. The client had only recently moved into this house and was making changes that not only reflected the personality of her family but was also functional and could be used on  daily basis.

Design Solutions

The start of the new design was the colorful area rug with its colorful hues. The soft grey of the dining ensemble contrasts well against the rug and light linen drapery add softness and texture. We then added a layer of metallics with a chrome mirror, chandelier and drapery hardware. Delicate crystal finials add sparkle. A gold candelabra became a stylish piece in one niche while matching faux marble urns flank the fireplace. Our client was overjoyed with her light and airy dining room.