Feminine Retreat

Through simple paint and high-performance fabrics, this space was able to take on an incredibly light and neutral color story while still being family friendly. Add subtle floral in the art and accessories with just the right amount of placed hot pink and texture, and the space delivers a decidedly feminine design.

Project Overview:

The predominant design challenge for this space was to present a family friendly environment that was still soft and feminine in primarily light/ivory neutrals with a small hint of hot pink while working within the confines of a fairly tight budget.

With a goal of lightening the space, the room and ceiling was immediately painted to much lighter neutrals with only a single, slightly darker accent wall behind the sofa to offer contrast to the shutters and now ivory sofa. This also allowed for some detail and design behind the sofa without including window treatments in the budget. Through the careful selection of accents, fabrics and artwork, and texture a soft feminine design emerged featuring elegant and subtle floral elements with hot pink coming through in a few choice accessories. Performance fabrics on all high use pieces allowed for this incredibly light and airy look to be absolutely kid friendly.

Feminine Retreat