How to Design a Functional Kitchen

Designing a kitchen has several steps to it. Everyone wants to jump straight to picking out design elements like paint colors, cabinet designs, and backsplashes. While that part can be a lot of fun, it is important to start with the functional design of your kitchen.

Functional kitchen interior design makes it easy to use everything in your kitchen. When done correctly, you will find your kitchen more enjoyable and easier to maintain. There are several ways that you can make sure that your kitchen is designed for function. Here is how to design a functional kitchen with functional kitchen design.

Utilize a Work Triangle

A work triangle is a design pattern that connects the three main parts of your workflow in a room. In the kitchen, it is the fridge, cooking section, and the sink. Most of what you do in your kitchen revolves around these three parts, so making sure that they are functionally located improves your workflow.

Functional kitchen design benefits from the work triangle because it opens up clear paths through the kitchen. You won’t have to cross large distances or go around other parts of your kitchen to reach what you need. The improved work flow makes the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. The design of your kitchen should be based around the work triangle with all other parts being placed strategically around the outside of the triangle.

Invest in Excellent Lighting

Lighting makes a major difference in the usability of a room. Kitchens are typically full of installations and appliances that create dark spots with traditional lighting. Invest in the best lighting that you can get to make sure that your kitchen is usable at any time. That means getting a combination of ceiling and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate all areas. You can also invest in in-cabinet lighting to make it easier to find stuff in the cabinets.

Maintain Clear Prep Surfaces

To maintain your kitchen’s functionality, maintain clear prep surfaces. It can be tempting to get small countertop appliances for specific uses, but these can take up valuable space on your counters. Plus, they will make your kitchen look cluttered and smaller than it is. Open counters give you plenty of space to work while maintaining the flow through your kitchen.

Place Seating Appropriately

If there is seating in your kitchen, then make sure it is placed appropriately. Some kitchens have bars or islands with seating. The seats should be outside of the work triangle of your kitchen. Designing your kitchen this way ensures that you can cook efficiently, even with people seated nearby. You also want to place any seating clear of storage areas so that you have access to everything that you need.

Think About Storage

When you work on the interior design of your kitchen, think about storage. There are essential tools that you need, like pots, pans, and dishes. Storing these near the places where you will use them is one of the best ways to ensure that you have easy access to any tool that you need when you need it. To do this, you need to have an idea of what you need and use consistently. That way, you can plan for the important things and ensure that you will have enough space.

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