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We are dedicated to lifestyle decorating with a central focus on enhancing well-being within our client’s living spaces. Recently, the interior design community has embraced the Danish term “hygge” (pronounced hyoo-guh), which encapsulates a design philosophy rooted in fostering contentment and overall well-being through thoughtful space planning and decoration.

Curl up with your journal on a chilly day.

It’s no surprise that hygge has found a place in the world of interior design, as our homes play a pivotal role in our comfort and happiness. While each individual’s lifestyle may lead to their unique interpretation of hygge, there are several common themes that everyone can incorporate into their own living spaces.

Surrounded by a favorite rug and drinking cocoa complements the Hygge design style.


First and foremost, think about comfort. What elements make you feel at ease? Is it the inviting touch of soft textures, the luxury of lounging on a plush sofa, or the soothing presence of neutral colors and earthy tones? Consider what’s underfoot and the appeal of throw pillows that cradle your back or head. When the temperature drops, do you reach for a cherished blanket, an heirloom Afghan, or a quilt that evokes fond memories? Does your furry friend have a cozy spot by your side?

Does your furry friend have a cozy spot by your side? Everyone appreciates a soft blanket to sleep on.


Now, let’s talk lighting. What kind of illumination sets the perfect mood for you? Is it the warm and intimate glow of candles, the mesmerizing flicker of a real or simulated fire, or the flexibility of a dimmer switch? Don’t forget the subtle influence of scents, which can also contribute to the ambiance.

Illumination sets the perfect mood every time.


Nature can be a powerful source of comfort. How do greenery and plants affect your space and your mood? Consider incorporating plants, whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or adorning your shelves. Additionally, images of nature as wall art can introduce a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Don’t forget wood. Even the most contemporary of rooms warms up when elements of wood are introduced. You don’t have to go full hunting-camp look to experience the effect of hygge.

Any space can feel warmer with the addition of wood and plants.


Outdoor spaces, too, can benefit from thinking hygge. Make that deck or patio the perfect space to say “Let’s eat outside” or “Let’s have happy hour outside.” Elements of fire, wood, lighting, and textures all can add to the coziness of your outdoor space.

Outdoor spaces can also benefit from thinking hygge.

Incorporating these elements into your home’s design will help you achieve a hygge-inspired interior that’s tailored to your unique tastes and needs. In the end, it’s all about creating a space where you can truly relax and find contentment, because your home should be your sanctuary.

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