Should I Hire An Interior Designer Or Decorator?

Creating a beautiful and highly functional home or office is more difficult than most people realize. Perhaps you’ve tried to decorate your home and don’t feel that it’s as cohesive as you’d like. Maybe you want to make the most of a new space. Hiring an interior designer or decorator could be an excellent way to make your home or office the best it can be.

However, there is a difference between interior decorators and interior designers, even though some people refer to these professionals interchangeably. If you don’t know which one you really need, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Here are some things to consider when choosing between an interior designer or a decorator for your next project.

What Is The Difference Between Interior Decorators and Interior Designers?

Interior designers and decorators excel at different things. Before you can figure out which professional you should hire, it is important to first identify your goals for the project. Do you need someone who will help you through a home renovation project or do you need someone to make your already built space the most visually appealing and inviting? Depending on your goals and project requirements, a different type of professional might be best.

Spatial Planning

If your project requires spatial planning or redesigning the layout and function of a space, you’ll almost always want to hire an interior design professional. They will have the education, certifications, experience, and credentials to create a thoughtful space reflective of your needs and preferences. Someone who only provides decorator services will likely not be able to help you before the space is already finished.


Likewise, renovations are best for an interior designer. When it comes to how an expansion will be completed or laying out the design for your new kitchen, working with an interior designer is worth it. They’ll be able to review blueprints and talk with you about your plans before the renovation is complete.

Collaborate with Architects and Contractors

Certified interior designers work directly with architects and contractors, whereas a decorator works with homeowners and business owners directly. When you think of a large project renovation team, it might have architects, contractors, interior designers, and decorators that work together. However, you as an individual can hire a decorator at any time to help you improve your space without having to hire an architect.

Color Schemes

Decorators can help you if you’re looking to create impactful color schemes for your office or bring an older home a more modern feel without a renovation. Decorators might take classes in color theory that give them a real understanding of how colors work in a space. This information can help your space look more finished than if you tried to do it on your own.

Choosing Furniture and Accessories

A decorator can help you to choose the right furniture and accessories for your space. Too often, how something looks in a showroom isn’t how it looks in your home. Having a decorator to rely on can help you reduce costly mistakes and give your home a cohesive look.

Does this mean that you can’t ask an interior designer about color theory or have a decorator as part of your renovation team? Of course not. There are many areas where some interior designers and decorators overlap. The L&L Design Team provides expertise on both. If you have questions about an upcoming project for your home or office, call Maria Loveless, a Certified Interior Designer, at (703) 330-4451.

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